We have a 2 movement conditioning session today, ladies. You’ll put in your best work for 4 minutes solid, then rest for half that time before hitting another 4 minute block of work.  

You will go through this combo 3 times through for a total of 12 minutes of work.

This is conditioning. Meaning your lungs are gonna tingle, and you’re gonna feel taxed. Pause whenever you need to for as long as you need to, even if it isn’t close to a rest stop. 

Please for the love of bacon, don’t keep going if your form falls apart. Slow down and be aware of your body’s movement.

3 Rounds: 4-Minutes Work, 2-Minutes Rest

  • 16 Single arm deadlifts

  • 16 Swings

Single Arm Deadlifts

  • Standing tall, position kettlebell or dumbbell between feet

  • As you inhale, hinge forward and bend your knees until you can grasp the weight with one hand. Keep your hips square; not shifting your weight and turning your hips to one side

  • Brace your deep core muscles and exhale as you stand the weight up, using your hips and glutes. Look straight ahead


KB or DB Swings (KB=kettlebell DB=dumbbell)

  • Start by placing feet hip-width apart with the bell roughly a foot in front of you

  • Inhale grasping the weight and hike it back between your legs

  • Exhale & hip hinge forward to stand - using the power from your hips to drive the weight up


Happy Friday, you beautiful mamacita! Ready to get strong playing with the dumbbells today? After you finish the foundation work you have a 2 part strength and conditioning session.


II. Workout


  • 3x8 DB L-Sit Press

  • 3x8 Bent Over DB flys with neutral grip

  • 3x10 DB floor press


  • 6 minutes of 30seconds swings and 30seconds rest

For the strength portion you’ll finish all sets and reps of an exercise before moving on to the next. 

L-Sit Press

  • Start seated on the floor, with your legs in front of you. Feel free to spread them if that’s a more comfortable position

  • With your ribs down and stacked above your pelvis, rack the DBs with your elbows pointed forward

  • Take a breath and as you exhale, brace your core and press the weights to full extension

Bent Over DB Row w/ a Neutral Grip

  • Hinge forward at the hips while pushing them back and let your knees bend slightly. Your arms should hang beneath you holding the DBs as if they were a bar. 

  • Pull your shoulder blades back and down into their sockets. Don’t forget that flat back

  • Row one DB at a time by by pulling your elbows straight back and and squeezing your middle traps. Slowly lower the weight before continuing with the other arm

DB Floor Press

  • May on the floor with your feet planted and the weights in hand at about nipple level

  • As you brace and exhale, leverage the floor by pushing it away with your back, glutes, and feet

  • Only allow your armpits to come open slightly through the movement


The workout today is a VERY simple bodyweight session. 5 rounds or 8 minutes - which ever comes first of push-ups and squats. The goal is to work through this at your own pace and not sacrificing form for speed.

Use your time to zone in on your breath and really practice your breathing-pelvic floor connection.

The Workout – 5 Rounds or 8-Mins

  • 10 Push-ups

  • 10 Air squats


  • Set up on the floor on all 4s - hands slightly wider than shoulders, shoulders packed back and down (think of closing your armpits) and stacked above your wrists with your fingers pointing forward

  • Inhale, exhale finding neutral alignment of your back and hips. From here, position your feet/legs in the position that allows you to maintain the BEST tension in your core. (One knee down, both knees down, etc)

  • Inhale at the top of the push-up, and as a unit lower yourself down until your elbows are bent at 90 degrees. Exhale as you push as a unit back up

*Scale if needed: hands on raised surface, feet wide, one knee on floor, both knees on floor

Air Squats

  • Set up in your squat stance; feet at least hips width apart, toes pointed out slightly

  • Inhale and push your hips back and down while pushing your knees out to the left and right

  • Fix your eyes ahead of your (not on the ground in front of you) and keep your chest upright as you descend all the way down (think of putting your booty on your ankles). Exhale as you stand back up

Scale if needed: Squat to a box or other elevated surface


Today’s workout kicks off with a superset. Feel free to use an kettlebell or a dumbbell for this one.

I. Foundation Work Sequence

II. The Workout

- 14 DB Offset lunges
- 12 DB Single leg deadlifts + row

- 8 DB single arm snatch + 1 press/side


The superset is the offset lunges directly followed by the single leg deadlift + row. No rest between movements. In order to be counted as a completed round, you need to finish all reps of both movements on the right side, then go through the whole thing on the left side.

So for example 14 offset lunges plus 12 single leg deadlift + row on the right side, then repeat on the left = 1 round. You have 2 rounds total.


Complete all the reps on the left and right side for it to count as 1 round.


Happy Friday, ladies! As your coach, I want you to know I’m very grateful to have you here. With that being said, you’ll be glad you carved out a little time to get this one in today! 

Not going to say that you won’t slightly hate me afterward.

4 Rounds 

  • 10 goblet squat jumps

  • 10 DB clean and Jerk

  • 10 DB Front squats

Goblet Squat Jumps

  • Set your feet in your squat stance, holding your weight to your chest goblet style

  • While keeping your ribs down and stacked over your pelvis, push your hips back and down into a deep squat, hips below your knee creese

  • Exhale as you drive your hips up, finishing with a lift off the ground

  • Land into your next squat, keeping your chest tall and the weight glued to your body

Clean & Jerk

  • Start with the dumbbell down by your side with a neutral grip

  • Clean the dumbbell to your shoulder by extending through your knees and hips

  • As soon as the DB reaches your shoulder, immediately reverse directions by driving through your heels and extend through your knees and hips to get the weight to full extension. Essentially your doing a little jump to get the weight up

Front Squat

  • Start with your feet in your squat stance and the weights in the racked position

  • As you inhale, push your hips back and down while keeping your chest upright, pushing your knees out to the left and right

  • Exhale as you stand. Keep your entire foot anchored to the floor throughout the squat