It’s the start of the first weekend of the month! Let’s race into it like a new Bugatti Divo (google it).
*Read the write out of this workout carefully before attempting.

20-min time cap:

5x6 Double bent over row + DB clean
4x5 Overhead DB Press + 5 racked split squat/side

This is a straight set workout today, ladies - complete all the sets and reps of the first superset before moving on to the second superset. Superset implies that you will move from the first exercise in the set into the second exercise in the set without stopping to rest. Rest after the set is complete.

You’ll notice the prescription says “double” bent over row + DB clean. This means that in order for your work to count as 1 of the 6 reps, you will do 2 rows and 2 dumbbell cleans = 1 rep.

Double Bent Over Row
Hinge forward by pushing your hips back as you lean forward and let your arms dangle beneath your torso. With the DBs in your hands - pull your shoulder blades back and down as you pull your elbows back as far as they’ll go - hold for a 1 count, then lower them back to the start.

Dumbbell Clean
With the DBs at your sides, dip at the knees while keeping your heels on the floor. As you drive yourself back to standing tall, use the power you generate to shrug the weights high and quickly pull yourself under them. You will finish with the weights at shoulder level.

Overhead Dumbbell Press
This movement starts in the same position that the DB clean ends in. So to start, clean your DBs up to shoulder height. From here zip up your brace and press the DBs to full extension overhead. Keep your ribs down and aligned over your hips.

Split Squat
Stagger one foot behind the other with enough room to get your back knee down to the floor. Keep your chest tall by pulling your shoulders back. It helps to find a spot on the opposite wall to stare at.

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia