It wouldn’t be a normal week around here if we didn’t have a dedicated session to core recovery work. You can do this workout solo, or if you’re feeling energetic - couple it with one of our other workouts.

5 Rounds:

60 sec bear crawl
60 sec DB cradle hold up-downs
20 sec hollow hold
20 sec alt. High lizard

10-20 seconds (or until fully recovered) of rest between each exercise


Bear Crawl
Starting on all fours, inhale - exhale - zip up your brace and raise your knees off the floor. Sync up opposite hand and foot to move forward. Aim to keep your shoulders over your wrists and your hips low.

Dumbbell Cradle Hold Up-Downs
This one translates so much to real life moving with a small child. Hold the DB in a way that allows you to have control. Starting sitting on your butt, roll yourself up to both knees and use your breath to stand up. Reverse the movement by dropping one knee at a time and rolling down slow and controlled.

Hollow Hold
Lay on your back pressing the small of your back into the floor as you zip up your brace and flex your quads and calves while pointing your toes. Take your hands up so that your upper arms graze your ears.

To scale this movement, bring in a leg one at a time followed by your arms until you hit a position that feels solid.

High Lizard
Start in the plank position and step one foot up beside your hand while keeping your hips low. Step it back parallel with the other and switch feet.

Take adequate rest between sets. There is no need to rush these - just work slow and with intention through the seconds.

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia