Oh, HELLO accessory work.
3 days a week we will now be having some foundational movement attached to either the beginning or end of the day’s session.

Being honest with you, doing the simple foundational stuff is what’s kept me free of low back, pelvic, and hip pain these 11 months postpartum. When I skimp on it I notice because I feel it. So DON’T SKIMP! 😁

Accessory –
3 Rounds: 15 second side plank + 2 push-ups.
 Repeat this order, alternating sides until you complete 10 push-ups.

 Rest until fully recovered between rounds.

12-minute time cap:

  • 10 DB deadlifts

  • 10 DB front squats

  • 20 DB toe taps

Ideal Weight: 20+lbs


  • Set feet hip-width apart, ribcage centered over pelvis, DBs in hand

  • Inhale as you hinge forward, pushing your hips back + allowing knees to bend slightly, keep a flat back

  • Stop when you feel your hamstrings stretch, exhaling as you squeeze your glutes to stand tall

Front squats 

  • Set your feet in your squat stance and clean the DBs up to your shoulders

  • Inhale pushing your hips back and down, pushing your knees out, keeping your chest tall

  • Exhale and stand it up

Toe Taps

  • These are self explanatory but a pro tip is to do short exhales each time you land. This makes your pelvic floor contract to support the downward force of you landing.

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia