Today’s workout starts with 3 rounds of some core rehab to prime.

3 Rounds:

10 Diaphragm breaths

10 Straight leg heel taps

10 Bird dogs/side

10 Clamshells/side

Rest as needed between sets.

The strength portion of the workout we are doing a 4-minute AMRAP, resting for 3 minutes, then repeating for another 4 minutes.


6 Half kneeling DB press

12 KB/DB swings

Rest 3 minutes and repeat. 

Half Kneeling DB Press

• Drop to 1 knee w/ ribs aligned over pelvis

• Bring the weight up to shoulder height

• Inhale and push the weight straight overhead as you exhale

KB/DB Swing
(KB=kettlebell DB=dumbbell, use whichever you have)

• Start by placing feet hip-width apart with the bell roughly a foot in front of you

• Inhale grasping weight and hike it back between your legs

• Exhale & hip hinge to stand - using the power from your hips to drive the weight up

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia