Midline stability and conditioning are to be had with this EMOM.

There are 3 movements in this one
(*EMOM - every minute on the minute)

21-Minute EMOM:

8 Glute bridge DB chest press - first minute
4 DB renegade rows (2:1) - second minute
2 Racked box walks - third minute

Repeating the exercises in this order until the 21 minutes are up. 

Glute Bridge DB Chest Press
Your butt is engaged the entire time you are working through the reps of the chest press. Start and end your press of the DBs with your hands no higher than your bra line. This means close your armpits! Exhale with the push and push the earth away with your entire foot- not just your heels.

Renegade Rows (2:1)
2:1 = a single pull with each are has to happen before it equals a single rep. 

Start in your full plank position with your hands holding the dumbbells. Shift you weight slightly so that you can pull the weight to your trunk while maintaining tension with your brace.


—> Renegade rows: Stand and stagger your feet. Hinge forward at the hip slightly - just enough so that your arms dangle beneath you. Using the same alternating style, row one DB at a time for 8 total reps. If you still can’t maintain tension this way, scale down to 1 DB completing 4 reps on one side at a time.

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia