8 push-ups

25 Plank jacks

25 farmer’s carry march

*For DR - elevate hands to the back of a chair or other inclined object for push-ups and plank jacks

Warm-up using the squat warm-up in the members area or create your own!

Ideal weight: As heavy as you have access to (I use 25lbs in this video)

A good time goal is 8 minutes or less

Be sure to zip up your brace while still on all 4s. Keep your arms close to your body by closing your armpits; visualize holding a water bottle that’s tucked into your armpit. Elbows pointing east and west is poor form. If you can’t maintain a straight a plank, please scale it by bringing down a knee or elevating your hands.

Plank Jacks
Set up the same way you would for a push-up, emphasizing your shoulders being directly above your wrists. Jump your feet out as you would a jumping jack. Don’t allow your hips to dip dramatically. Scale it down by stepping feet out and back in one at a time.

Farmer’s Carry March
You much zip up your brace before lifting your leg, otherwise your hip flexor is doing all the work instead of your lower abs. Find a spot on the horizon to focus your attention, breath, and shift your weight to one leg as you lift the other to hip height for a 1 count, then lower it back to the ground. You’ve got 25 - It should feel like a challenge by about rep 10. If you’re breezing through these, extend the time you hold the leg up.

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia