We haven’t done a press-swing combo workout since late August!
Far warning - this workout is sheer volume. If you have trouble or pain with a lot of reps overhead I suggest you modify by using a lighter weight or a resistance band. You can expect this one to be spicy 🌶

Warm-up using the push-up routine in the members area or create your own!

3 Rounds - Rest 2 Minutes - Repeat
12 DB Swing + Press/side
12 Half kneeling DB press/side

Ideal weight: 15-20lbs
You will complete this circuit a total of 6 rounds.

Your grip will be tested the second time through as you hang on for dear life to that swinging weight.

Dumbbell Swing + Press
The swing is all hip hinge. Zip up your brace, hinge forward and let the weight glide between your legs. Do not squat the weight down by bending your knees drastically. Drive with your hips back to standing to get the DB to shoulder height. Zip your brace again as you press the DB overhead. Remember to keep your ribs down (this gets challenging as the clock runs).

Half Kneeling DB Press
On one knee align your ribcage over your pelvis. As you press it’s natural for those ribs to want to flare up. Fight to keep them down. It helps me to slightly tuck my pelvis as I press. Lock the elbow out overhead before bringing the DB back down.

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia