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Let’s start the week off right with this full body single dumbbell session.

Your score is total time taken - INCLUDING rest breaks!
*Ideal weight: 20-25lb Dumbbell*

4 Rounds
6 DB bent over rows
6 DB cleans
6 DB overhead press
6 DB squats
6 DB deadlifts
6 DB side lunges (6/side)
6 DB reverse lunge + swing (6/side)

My legs felt properly pumped after this one. Tag #gymlesslyfit in your photos & videos of you doing this workout so I can give you a shoutout! Share your score in the comments below.

If you need clarification on a movement read its description below.

My advice is to either watch the demo video a few times through or have the moves written down in front of you. The aim is to flow from one movement to the next without much stopping UNLESS you need to catch your breath.

Bent Over Rows
When bending over it’s key to hinge forward at the hips while also allowing a slight bend in your knees. Your arms should dangle beneath your torso. Pull your shoulder blades back and down into their sockets. Row by pulling your elbows straight back - keeping your arms close to your body by closing your armpits. The DBs should only be a couple of inches away from your thighs at all times.

Dumbbell Clean
With the dumbbell in both hands, dip at the knees while keeping your heels on the floor. As you drive yourself back to standing tall, use the power you generate to shrug the weights high and quickly pull yourself under them. You will finish with the weights at shoulder level.

Overhead Press
This movement starts in the same position that the DB clean ends in. So to start, clean your dumbbell up to shoulder height. From here zip up your brace and press the dumbbell to full extension overhead. Keep your ribs down and aligned over your hips.

Create a tripod with your foot. Drive your heels, ball of the big toe, and the pinky toes into the ground. It’s totally ok to turn your toes out  if it helps you gain more depth. 

Push your hips back and down, keep your chest upright, and push your knees out as you lower yourself below hip parallel. 

Start with the weight in your hands. Just like you did with the rows, hinge forward at the hips while pushing them back as you lean your upper body forward. Aim to feel a big stretch in your hamstrings before returning to the start position. Remember, zip up your brace and breath.⁣

Side Lunges
As you side step, shift all your weight over the knee and ankle while pushing your hips back and bending at the knee of the leg you’re shifting your weight to.

Reverse Lunge + Swing
This movement is a HUGE stability challenger! Take it slow if you find you’re wobbly. Step back and down into your lunge, and with control swing the weight to the side opposite of the leg you stepped back. 

PRO TIP: Maintain a hips width distance between your feet at all times. It helps you balance.

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia