Today we have a 2 parter!

3x12 Dumbbell hip thrusters followed by 3 rounds of 4-mins work : 2-mins rest of:

  • DB alternating reverse lunge x10
  • DB squat cleans x10

Warmup using the squat warmup in the members section, or come up with your own.
You’ll do 4-mins of work and 2-mins of rest 3 times through before the workout is complete. That’s 12 minutes total of work.

DB Hip Thrusters
You will do all 3 sets of 12 of the hip thrusters before moving into the circuit. I big key point with this movement is to relax your butt/back/legs on the lowering portion, and fully extend and open your hips by squeezing your glutes in the lifting portion.

DB Reverse Lunge
Step far enough back that both knees are at 90 degree angles. Tap the back knee down while keeping your shoulders back and chest upright.

DB Squat Clean
A squat clean is basically a deadlift off the floor - a big shrug - drop under the dumbbells into a front squat - and standing the DBs up with your elbows high. Smooth it all together and you’ve got a squat clean.

For this workout you do NOT need to return the DBs to the floor between each rep.

Tag your workout videos with #gymlesslyfit so I can watch you work! Go get after it!

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia