Today’s all about breathing, alignment, glutes, and the core.
This workout greatly taxes the central nervous system more than anything. 

We have 2 segments today.

Part 1:
-3 Rounds 10 DB Overhead Kneeling Hip Thrusts
-5 Half kneeling windmill/side
-10 DB thruster knee drive

Part 2:
-3 Rounds 3 Double racked box walks
-10 DB press dead bugs 

Overhead Kneeling Hip Thrusts

Start by sitting with your legs folded under you. Next, zip up your brace and press the DB overhead THEN perform a controlled hip thrust.

Half Kneeling Windmill
Start in the half kneeling position with the DB racked in the hand of the side that your foot is planted on the ground. Keep the weight stacked and balanced directly above your shoulder - it helps to look up your arm at it. Reach out your free hand and lean down and away from the weight by pushing your hips in the opposite direction.
Remember to go slow with these.

Thruster Knee Drive
Start with feet hip-width apart and the DBs in the racked position. Push your hips back and down to descend into your squat, then power back up driving the DBs overhead while driving the knee up to hip height. Alternate driving knee with each rep

Racked Box Walks

Rack the weight to you shoulders. Using a zipped brace, stay upright through your core as you step to make a box, moving 2-3 paces in each direction.

Dumbbell Press Dead Bugs
Lay on your back with your legs at 90 degrees. With either a DB in each hand, or 1 DB in both hands, stabilize the weight over your chest while dropping one leg down at a time SLOWLY. Be sure to raise your head.

This will probably be the longest workout you do all week; Both parts should take only 10 minutes to complete individually.

Remember slow and controlled is the name of the game for this one.
Go get after it!

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia