5 Rounds for time:

- 10 Air squats
- 10 Dead stop deadlifts + 1-min slow march farmer’s carry
- 10 DB split squat/leg

Air Squats
Position your feet AT LEAST hip width apart. Descend into the squat by pushing your hips back and down, while pushing your knees out to the left and right. Lower until your butt rests on the back of your ankles (we call this “tush to turf” - you may also hear “ass to grass” - it’s the same thing.) Stand back up to the start position, keeping your chest tall throughout the movement.

Dead Stop Deadlifts
Start with the weights on the ground just outside your feet. Push your hips back while hinging forward to grab the weights, allowing your knees to bend slightly. Stand the weight up and repeat the same movement to lower the weight back to the ground. Let the DBs rest on ground before starting your next rep.

Split Squat
This movement makes you focus on one leg at a time and is a really sneaky core stabilizer when paired with some weight. Go into your squat stance and step one foot back. Keeping your chest upright, bend both knees simultaneously to lower yourself to the ground. The back knee touching the floor signals you’ve dipped to the bottom of the squat - use the back leg to push yourself back to standing.

Get after it and have fun!

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia