We have a body weight session today!

1 Round for time, 20-15-10 reps of:

Single leg squat
2:1 Crawl position renegade row

Your workout will look like 20 reps of the single leg squat followed by the crawl position renegade rows. You’ll repeat the same for the 15 reps and the 10 reps.

Warmup with the squat warmup in the members area or make up your own!

Single Leg Squat (to bench)
Find an object that allows you to squat to parallel or lower (I used a side table from the balcony!) As you raise a leg to balance on the other and squat, push your hips back and down to the object. Before you return to standing, inhale and zip up your brace as you exhale and stand.

Crawl Position Renegade Row
Go onto all 4s. Set your hands, feet, and knees so that they are shoulder and hip width apart before bracing and pushing through your hands and feet to raise your knees. Shift your weight to lift one hand off the ground and lower it with control before raising the other.

Keep in mind that 2:1 means you have to do both sides for it to count as 1 rep.

Breath, have fun, and get after it!

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia