The unofficial name of this session is the "I won't complain" workout. Those of us with developed world privileges tend to complain about everything little thing that isn't perfect. And we're extra hard on ourselves and others.

During this workout my thoughts were centered around having less of a complaining attitude and showing more mercy to myself - others -and the situations we live in called life.

We have too much to always be complaining.

6 rounds NOT for time:

10 DB love taps
10 Burpees over bell


Love Taps
The aim here is to use your lower abs, hip flexors, and breathe while you create a good brace to lift your legs up and over the DB with control. If you find this one too hard, scale down by doing one leg at a time.

Burpee Over Bell
Start by standing to one side of the dumbbell. Lower yourself down to the floor then jump or step back up to standing and jumping laterally over the bell. Further scale down the movement by side stepping over the bell. Repeat for 10 total reps.

Remember this one is NOT for time.
Go get after it and let me know what you think in the comments!

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia