3 Rounds:

  • 6 Pallof press + 2 squats/side

  • 12 Elevated DB glute bridge

  • 12 Half kneeling upright rows/side

Pallof Press 

  • Standing upright, step away from anchor point to create tension in the band

  • At bra-line height, hold the band with the hand that’s closest to anchor point and close your other hand around it, making sure that your ribs are down and stacked over your pelvis

  • Zip your brace, and on the exhale push the band way from your body while not allowing to rotate in the direction the resistance is pulling you

    *For this workout, keep the band fully extended in front your body as you perform 2 squats. After the squats pull the band back to your body.

Elevated Glute Bridge

  • Lay with your upper back on a raised surface and a weight resting on your hips

  • Dip your hips down toward the floor keeping your back and neck aligned

  • As you exhale squeeze and raise your hips to full extension with a slight pause at the top between reps

Half Kneeling Upright Row

  • Start down on one knee with your hips in neutral and your ribs stacked over them

  • Grab the band on the side with your knee down

  • As you exhale squeeze your glutes, core, and back to stay in alignment as you pull the band to your body. Pause at the end before beginning the next rep

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia