2 Rounds

  • 15 DB deadlifts

  • 10 DB lateral hops

  • 10 Single arm DB press (right side)

  • 10 DB lateral hops

  • 10 Single arm DB press (left side)

Rest until fully recovered then repeat for 2 more rounds.
Goal: To match the time of the first 2 rounds 

DB Deadlifts

  • Start with the weight in your hands and your arms extended

  • Inhale and hinge forward at the hips while pushing them back as you lean your upper body forward. Allow a slight bend in your knees. KEEP A FLAT BACK. 

  • Have the head of the bells tap the floor then exhale and bring your hips forward to stand. Aim to feel a stretch in your hamstrings before returning to the start position

Dumbbell Press

  • Stand tall with your ribs down and stacked over your pelvis, weight in racked position

  • Take a breath to start the movement

  • As you exhale, pull UP your pelvic floor - “pull together” your hip bones - press the DB to full extension 

  • Keep your arms close to your head as you bring the DB back down to the rack

DB Lateral Hops

  • No big science here. Lay a DB on the floor with the ends pointing North and South

  • Start on one side and jump laterally OVER the DB to the other side 

  • Be sure to land softly and rebound quickly back and forth over the DB

Scale to quickly stepping one foot over at  a time if you experience leaking or feel downward pressure

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia