After you complete the foundation work sequence (see members area at gymlesslyfit.com) get after this 4 round workout.

4 Rounds

6-8 DB front squat with 3 second lower

16 Walking DB lunges

12 Overhead DB march

Front Squat with 3sec Lower

  • Start with your feet in your squat position and the weights in the racked position at the shoulders

  • As you inhale, slowly push your hips back and down over the course of 3 seconds. Be sure to keep your chest upright

  • Once you hit the bottom of the squat reverse the movement, exhaling as you stand

Walking DB Lunges

  • With your feet hip width apart, step forward and drop your back knee down the floor

  • As you exhale, pull yourself up to standing keeping your chest upright

  • Alternate feet as you work to 16 total reps

Overhead DB March

  • Clean the weights up the the racked position

  • With a zipped up brace, exhale and press the weights directly overhead - fight to keep your ribcage down and over your pelvis. 

  • Exhale each time you bring your knee up to hip height

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia