Happy Friday, ladies! As your coach, I want you to know I’m very grateful to have you here. With that being said, you’ll be glad you carved out a little time to get this one in today! 

Not going to say that you won’t slightly hate me afterward.

4 Rounds 

  • 10 goblet squat jumps

  • 10 DB clean and Jerk

  • 10 DB Front squats

Goblet Squat Jumps

  • Set your feet in your squat stance, holding your weight to your chest goblet style

  • While keeping your ribs down and stacked over your pelvis, push your hips back and down into a deep squat, hips below your knee creese

  • Exhale as you drive your hips up, finishing with a lift off the ground

  • Land into your next squat, keeping your chest tall and the weight glued to your body

Clean & Jerk

  • Start with the dumbbell down by your side with a neutral grip

  • Clean the dumbbell to your shoulder by extending through your knees and hips

  • As soon as the DB reaches your shoulder, immediately reverse directions by driving through your heels and extend through your knees and hips to get the weight to full extension. Essentially your doing a little jump to get the weight up

Front Squat

  • Start with your feet in your squat stance and the weights in the racked position

  • As you inhale, push your hips back and down while keeping your chest upright, pushing your knees out to the left and right

  • Exhale as you stand. Keep your entire foot anchored to the floor throughout the squat

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia