If you can, get outside and enjoy the 3 rounds of today’s workout, while there’s still no snow on the ground! (Sorry to all my New England and UK mamas - I still love you!)

The Workout - 3 Rounds

  • 8 Goblet split squats/side

  • 8 Plank offset row/side

  • 8 Push-ups (scale to personal level)

Goblet Split Squat

  • Position your feet in your lunge stance with both hip bones pointing forward

  • Pull your ribs down and center them over your pelvis 

  • With the DB in the goblet position, inhale as you lower your knees down to 90/90 (both ending in right angles)

  • Exhale and stand back up

Plank Offset Row

  • Pick a plank style that works for you (full or modified)

  • Position shoulders directly over your wrists, then shift your weight to 1 arm (it helps to take your feet wide)

  • Exhale and brace by pulling your PF up and your hip bones together, rowing the DB back until the DB comes in line with your trunk


  • Start on all 4s, zip up your brace and walk yourself out into a plank

  • While maintaining tension, pull your shoulder blades back and down into their sockets while closing your armpits, lower your chest to the floor

  • Exhale as you push your body as a UNIT back to the top of the plank

*Scale to whatever style works best for you here.

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia