I love workouts like the one we have today, especially on days when I’m feeling lazy. 


It’s not over kill on my metabolic system! 

It will, however, make your central nervous system WERK.🧠

 Just wait to you get to those hip thrusts...🌶


  • 20 Deadbugs

  • 20 Glute bridges

  • 10 Clam shells/side

  • 10 Birddogs

  • 10 Squat sits

II. The Workout - 4 Rounds

8 B-stance deadlifts/side

8 Racked box walks

8 DB hip thrusts w/ OH hold

B-Stance Deadlifts

  • Plant the foot of the working leg forward, and rest the trail leg wherever is most comfortable for YOU

  • With the weights in front of your legs, zip your brace hinging forward at the hips

  • Maintain a flat back and reverse the hip hinge to stand once you feel the hamstring stretch

Racked Box Walks

  • Start in the racked position with your ribs down and centered over your hips. DO NOT arch your back

  • Step in a box shape as you inhale and exhale. Avoid rounding your back and keep the weight off your shoulders

Hip Thrusts w/ Overhead Hold

  • Start on your knees sitting on your heels, DBs racked at shoulders, ribs aligned over pelvis

  • Inhale and push the weight straight overhead as you exhale

  • With the weights still overhead, use your glutes to raise and open your hips to the tall kneeling position

  • Without arching your back, lower your butt back down to you heels, but keep the weight fully extended

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia