Let’s start the week off on a high note!

I. Foundation Sequence

  • 20 Deadbugs

  • 20 Glute bridges

  • 10 Clam shells/side

  • 10 Birddogs

  • 10 Squat sits

II. The Workout – 4 Rounds

  • 10 DB Kneeling to Standing

  • 10 DB Alternating OH Press

  • 30s Slow Mountain Climbers

DB Kneeling to Standing

  • Start on your knees with DBs in hand

  • Inhale and pick up one foot, planting it so that your knees look like their in the bottom of a lunge; 90/90 angles

  • Exhale and use your front leg to PULL yourself to standing

  • Remember to not rock forward and use a ton of momentum, and work to keep your rib cage down

Alternating Overhead Press

  • Stand in a straight line with your hips neutral (i.e. don’t arch your lower back) and your rib cage down (in other words, don’t stick your chest out)

  • Rack the weights up to the shoulder position. Let them hover there, don’t rest them there

  • With a zipped brace, exhale as you push one weight to full lock out overhead, and bring it back down to the rack before pushing the other DB overhead

Slow Mountain Climbers

  • Here is a REALLY good way to practice breathing while bracing and maintaining tension in your core. Find your most effective plank position (feel free to elevate your hands)

  • With your spine neutral (not arching or over tucking your pelvis) use your abs and hip flexors to pull your leg in to your chest S-L-O-W-L-Y

  • Exhale as you pull that knee in

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia