Today’s workout is a quick fun breather! After the foundation sequence (can you tell this has become a staple?) grab your dumbbells, set a timer for 8 minutes, and have fun crushing it! 

I. Foundation Sequence

  • 20 Deadbugs

  • 20 Glute bridges

  • 10 Clam shells/side

  • 10 Birddogs

  • 10 Squat sits

II. The Workout – 8-Min. AMRAP

  • 12 DB Push press

  • 30 DB hops

  • 12 DB alternating lunge

  • 30 DB hops

Push Press

  • Start with your feet shoulder width apart with DBs in the racked position

  • With an inhale, dip shallowly at the knees while keeping your back upright as if against a wall

  • As you exhale, extend your legs driving the DBs up, fully extending overhead and your ribs down

  • End by catching the weights in the racked position with your knees bent, taking you into your next rep

DB Hops

  • No big science here. Lay a DB on the floor with the ends pointing North and South

  • Start on one side and jump laterally OVER the DB to the other side 

  • Be sure to land softly and rebound quickly back and forth over the DB

Scale to quickly stepping one foot over at  a time if you experience leaking or feel downward pressure

DB Lunge

  • Start with feet shoulder width apart, ribs positioned down and stacked over pelvis

  • As you exhale, zip your brace and step forward, lowering yourself to the ground until your knees create 90 deg angles.

  • Finish by pushing yourself back up to your start position. Keep your shoulders back and eyes on the horizon

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia