Need a 10 minute recharge? This workout is just the ticket! Need more than 10 minutes? Do the 4 rounds, rest, and repeat!

4 Rounds - Switch the hand holding the DB at the top of each round:

  • 10 Single arm press

  • 10 single arm elevated plank rows 

  • 10 Offset reverse lunges

You will end this workout having performed 2 sets of work on both sides of your body. I had to try 2 chairs and a box before I found the height that I liked for the plank rows, so play with it if you need.

Single Arm Press

  • Rack the weight up to shoulder height and zip your brace

  • With your exhale: stack ribs down and over your pelvis + press the DB to full extension

  • With control, lower the weight back down to shoulder height and repeat

Elevated Plank Rows

  • Find an object height that’s stable and appropriate for you, and get into a wide stanced plank

  • Shoulders stacked over wrists, zip your brace

  • As you exhale, row the DB to your body

Offset Reverse Lunge

  • Start with the weight in 1 hand

  • Step back and into a lunge with the leg on the same side as the DB

  • Keeping your chest upright, push yourself back to standing

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia