12-Min AMRAP

  • 10 Kneeling triceps press 

  • 10 KB swings

  • 10 Renegade rows

  • 10 KB swings 

  • 10 Racked lunges

  • 10 KB swings

Kneeling Tricep Press

  • Start in the tall kneeling position with your head stacked over shoulders, and your ribs stacked down and centered over your pelvis

  • Hold 1 DB by the butt fully extended overhead. Think of creating a triangle with your thumbs and index fingers

  • Slowly drop the weight backhand behind your head while pointing your elbows at the wall in front of you

Renegade Rows

  • Pick a plank style that works for you (full or modified)

  • Position shoulders directly above DBs

  • Exhale and brace by pulling your PF up and your hip bones together, rowing the DB back until the DB comes in line with your trunk

Racked Lunges

  • Start with feet shoulder width apart and the DBs racked 

  • As you exhale, zip your brace and step forward, lowering yourself to the ground until your knees create 90 deg angles

  • Finish by either stepping the back foot forward or pushing yourself back up to your start position. Keep your eyes on the horizon and your elbows high through the entire movement


KB or DB Swings (KB=kettlebell DB=dumbbell, use whichever you have)

  • Start by placing feet hip-width apart with the bell roughly a foot in front of you

  • Inhale grasping weight and hike it back between your legs

  • Exhale & hip hinge to stand - using the power from your hips to drive the weight up

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia