Today we have a simple bodyweight circuit to play with.

Work on practicing the same breathing during the workout as you do in the breathing portion of the foundation work. Be sure to keep an eye on the rest and keep it to 30 seconds (no matter how much your buns burn).

I. Foundation Work

2-mins diaphragm breathing

3 Rounds:

  • 20s OH hold

  • 20s rack hold

  • 20s OH hold

  • 10s rest

II. The Workout - 1 Minute Work —> 30s Rest

  • Kneeling hip thrusts

  • Rest

  • Alternating lateral lunge

  • Rest

  • DB toe taps 

Knelling Hip Thrusts

  • Balance on your knees with your hips open and your chest tall

  • Hinge back at the hips, allowing your upper body to fold over your thighs

  • With an exhale, use your glutes to powerfully snap your hips forward back to tall kneeling

Lateral Lunge

  • Start by standing tall with your feet narrower than hip width apart

  • Zip up your brace and step to the side and down into a lunge while keeping the your chest as upright as possible.

  • Push yourself back to standing, exhale as you go

Toe Taps

  • Before you start your taps, zip your brace and create tension in your core + pelvic floor.

  • Remember to allow a little air to seep out every time you land

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia