I had a lot of baby assistance in this one; Eli was helping me breath. 😂👶🏾
Today’s workout has a part A and a part B. Part A will be completed in totality before moving on to part B.

I. Foundation Work
2-minutes diaphragm breathing

3 Rounds:

  • 20 deadbugs

  • 10sec glute bridge + 5 Single leg reps/side

  • 10 Clam shells/side

II. The Workout

Part A – 3 Rounds

  • 8 Box squats with a 3 second lower

  • 16 DB carry lunges

Part B – 3 Rounds

  • 10 DB deadlifts

  • 20 DB hip thrusts

Box Squat

What makes a box squat different from an air squat is that you’re squatting to a box or other object. 

  • Set your feet in your squat stance

  • Push your hips back and down and count to 3 slowly as you lower yourself down to the object

  • Make sure to push your knees outward, east and west, and keep your chest upright

Carry Lunges

  • With a weight in each hand, set your feet hip width apart

  • Center your ribs down and over your pelvis

  • Step forward and simultaneously bend your knees to 90 degrees until your back knee kisses the ground. Keep your shoulders packed down and your chest upright


  • Start with the weight in your hands and your arms extended

  • Inhale and hinge forward at the hips while pushing them back as you lean your upper body forward. Allow a slight bend in your knees

  • Exhale and open your hips to stand. Aim to feel a stretch in your hamstrings before returning to the start position (lowering the DBs to knees height or below is a great gauge)

Hip Thrusts

  • On a raised object (box, bench, couch, etc) get into the glute bridge position with the weight resting on your pelvis. 

  • Lower your hips with control towards the floor, then raise your hips and squeeze your glutes back to the bridge position

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia