Two simple movements will get it done today, ladies!

Hit the squat warm-up in the members area or make up your own, then tackle this 10 minute AMRAP. The aim is to work through this as fast as you can WITHOUT sacrificing form and good breathing technique.

10-Minute AMRAP
Score: How many rounds completed plus additional reps

  • 8 DB sumo squats

  • 10 DB carry box up & overs

Sumo Squat

  • Start with your feet in a wide stance and weights in hand, hanging between your thighs 

  • Keeping an upright chest and your eyes fixed on the horizon, bend at the knees and lower your hips 

  • Use your glutes to stand back up

No need to push your hips back during the sumo as there is no hinging needed here.

DB Carry Box Up & Over

  • Choose a height that you feel confident stepping up on

  • Approach the object with DBs in hand. As you step up, work to breath and keep an upright torso.

  • Up and over in both directions equals one rep

If you don’t have an object that you can step up on one side and off the other (like a chair or couch) stepping up and back down in totally fine.

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia