Happy humpday Wednesday! Today’s foundation work is centered around, as always, breath work + trunk control, but today we’re throwing in some movement mastery! Let’s play with the Turkish get-up!

**Note: Do not become frustrated with yourself if the TGU is very challenging. It’s something that takes time to learn. Feel free to pick foundation work from a different workout if this feels overwhelming.**

I. Foundation Work 

  • 3 Mobile bears

  • 1 Turkish get-up/side

II. Workout - 5 Rounds

  • 5 B-stance deadlifts/leg

  • 5 SL glute bridges/leg

  • 10 Push-ups

Turkish Get-Up (TGU)

The TGU can be broken down into 7 small steps that you can practice individually to master the movement. 

Step 1: press the weight overhead

Step 2: roll up to your elbow

Step 3: roll up to your hand

Step 4: raise your hip and sweep your leg opposite of the weight through to the knee

Step 5: push your hand off the floor and come to the lunge position 

Step 6: stand the weight up

Step 7: reverse the steps in opposite order  to return to the ground

B-Stance Deadlifts

  • Plant the foot of the working leg forward, and rest the trail leg wherever is most comfortable for YOU

  • With the weights in front of your legs, zip your brace hinging forward at the hips

  • Maintain a flat back and reverse the hip hinge to stand once you feel the hamstring stretch

Single Leg Glute Bridge

  • Begin on your back with your feet planted. You should be able to touch your heels with your fingers. 

  • With an exhale, zip your brace and bridge up using both legs

  • Shift your weight to one leg and complete 5 reps before switching to the other leg


  • Start on all 4s, zip up your brace and walk yourself out into a plank

  • While maintaining tension, close your armpits and lower your chest to the floor

  • Exhale as you push your body as a UNIT, back to the top of the plank

*Use the following scales if needed: Wall push-ups, elevate hands to a bench, place a single knee down

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia