Happy Tuesday, ladies!

Today we have a short and sweet 21-15-9 workout.
That means complete 21 reps of all the exercises before you move on to performing 15 reps for all the given exercises.

- Push-Ups
- Step-Ups
- Alternating DB Snatch


  • Set up on the floor on all 4s - hands slightly wider than shoulders, shoulders packed back and down (think of closing your armpits) and stacked above your wrists with your fingers pointing forward

  • Inhale, exhale finding neutral alignment of your back and hips. From here, position your feet/legs in the position that allows you to maintain the BEST tension in your core. (One knee down, both knees down, etc)

  • Inhale at the top of the push-up, and as a unit lower yourself down until your elbows are bent at 90 degrees. Exhale as you push as a unit back up

*Scale if needed: hands on raised surface, feet wide, one knee on floor, both knees on floor


  • Facing the object, inhale and lift one leg to the height of the object

  • Plant your foot and as you exhale, pull your hip bones together and exhale as you pull yourself to standing on the object

  • Once you come to a full stand on the object, lower yourself back to the floor and switch legs

  • Avoid using a lot of momentum to get yourself on top of the box

Dumbbell Snatch

  • Start with the weight on the floor between your feet. 

  • Hinge down and grab the weight, zipping your brace as you use your hips to generate power and snatch the DB up

  • Fully lock out overhead before returning to the ground


Hey ladies! Today is a steady conditioning session. Get ready!

20 minutes of as many reps as possible. A great workout to practice self-pacing.

20-Min AMRAP
- 10 DB Pull-Throughs
- 10m DB Carry
- 10 DB Sumo Squat
- 10m DB Carry"
- 10 Bent Over Row w/ Underhand Grip
- 10m DB Carry

Every exercise is divided up by a single side dumbbell carry. Carry the weight in one Han going forward, and in the other hand coming back to the start spot.

Dumbbell Pull Throughs

  • Begin on all 4s with a weight to the side of you at around the level of your chest

  • Find your neutral spine position, brace and raise your knees

  • Sweep your hand across your body and grab the weight and drag it to the other side of your body, do not pick it up off the floor. Exhale as you drag the weight and maintain a stable brace

Dumbbell Sumo Squat

  • Position your feet wide and a weight placed directly beneath you

  • Without arching your back or flaring up your ribs, bend at the knees and lower yourself to grab the weight. 

  • As you exhale, stand the weight up and squeeze your glutes

Bent Over Row with Underhand Grip

  • With the weights in your hands, push your hips back and let your knees bend slightly

  • Pull your shoulder blades back and down and make your back flat

  • With an underhand grip, pull your elbows as far back as they will go - allowing the weights to come to your body

Dumbbell Carry

  • Stand with neutral hips, ribs stacked down and directly over your pelvis

  • Lean forward and bend your knees to pick up 1 weight, exhaling as you stand back up

  • Maintain your brace and upright posture as you carry the weight forward. Breathing into your ribs and stomach as you work


3 Rounds:

  • 6 Pallof press + 2 squats/side

  • 12 Elevated DB glute bridge

  • 12 Half kneeling upright rows/side

Pallof Press 

  • Standing upright, step away from anchor point to create tension in the band

  • At bra-line height, hold the band with the hand that’s closest to anchor point and close your other hand around it, making sure that your ribs are down and stacked over your pelvis

  • Zip your brace, and on the exhale push the band way from your body while not allowing to rotate in the direction the resistance is pulling you

    *For this workout, keep the band fully extended in front your body as you perform 2 squats. After the squats pull the band back to your body.

Elevated Glute Bridge

  • Lay with your upper back on a raised surface and a weight resting on your hips

  • Dip your hips down toward the floor keeping your back and neck aligned

  • As you exhale squeeze and raise your hips to full extension with a slight pause at the top between reps

Half Kneeling Upright Row

  • Start down on one knee with your hips in neutral and your ribs stacked over them

  • Grab the band on the side with your knee down

  • As you exhale squeeze your glutes, core, and back to stay in alignment as you pull the band to your body. Pause at the end before beginning the next rep


2 Rounds

  • 15 DB deadlifts

  • 10 DB lateral hops

  • 10 Single arm DB press (right side)

  • 10 DB lateral hops

  • 10 Single arm DB press (left side)

Rest until fully recovered then repeat for 2 more rounds.
Goal: To match the time of the first 2 rounds 

DB Deadlifts

  • Start with the weight in your hands and your arms extended

  • Inhale and hinge forward at the hips while pushing them back as you lean your upper body forward. Allow a slight bend in your knees. KEEP A FLAT BACK. 

  • Have the head of the bells tap the floor then exhale and bring your hips forward to stand. Aim to feel a stretch in your hamstrings before returning to the start position

Dumbbell Press

  • Stand tall with your ribs down and stacked over your pelvis, weight in racked position

  • Take a breath to start the movement

  • As you exhale, pull UP your pelvic floor - “pull together” your hip bones - press the DB to full extension 

  • Keep your arms close to your head as you bring the DB back down to the rack

DB Lateral Hops

  • No big science here. Lay a DB on the floor with the ends pointing North and South

  • Start on one side and jump laterally OVER the DB to the other side 

  • Be sure to land softly and rebound quickly back and forth over the DB

Scale to quickly stepping one foot over at  a time if you experience leaking or feel downward pressure


After you complete the foundation work sequence (see members area at gymlesslyfit.com) get after this 4 round workout.

4 Rounds

6-8 DB front squat with 3 second lower

16 Walking DB lunges

12 Overhead DB march

Front Squat with 3sec Lower

  • Start with your feet in your squat position and the weights in the racked position at the shoulders

  • As you inhale, slowly push your hips back and down over the course of 3 seconds. Be sure to keep your chest upright

  • Once you hit the bottom of the squat reverse the movement, exhaling as you stand

Walking DB Lunges

  • With your feet hip width apart, step forward and drop your back knee down the floor

  • As you exhale, pull yourself up to standing keeping your chest upright

  • Alternate feet as you work to 16 total reps

Overhead DB March

  • Clean the weights up the the racked position

  • With a zipped up brace, exhale and press the weights directly overhead - fight to keep your ribcage down and over your pelvis. 

  • Exhale each time you bring your knee up to hip height