What Is A Primal Health Coach?

what is a primal health coach? | Health By Jasmine

Anytime I make a visit home to see family my little sister and I talk health.
You get us together over coffee and it becomes one of the topics we can sit and bond over for hours.

It’s kind of cool how it works - she keeps me “in the know” as far as music and pop culture goes (we’re 8 years apart mind you) and I enlighten her on food + how to make the most of her teenage energy.

It generally turns into a myth busting session where I verify or dispel the latest advice she’s heard dished out at a health blog, in class, or on Youtube.

I'm so happy she doesn't take for granted her health like many almost 20-somethings do, and she's not easily swayed about who to believe when it comes to nutrition and how to eat. 
However, one particular person in the online health space really gets under her skin.

I won’t mention names but she’s a blogger and Youtube sensation who is all about that vegan life. She has a ginormous following of young women who eat her stuff up like it’s liquid sugar.

Our conversations almost always turn to her latest vegan-centric advice.

My sister has a love/hate mentality towards this blogger's work because everything she says directly contradicts what I teach (she has no health science background), but my sister is on the dental hygiene track and the woman has some awesome DIY toothpaste recipes.

Although my little sis is well informed on living a healthy lifestyle, she sometimes ponders what she reads and hears on the internet because what people say can be so convincing no matter how off the way it may seem.

I mention this story because it’s a real life illustration of what’s happening on the internet.
People are getting behind an idea and calling themselves health experts and coaches, while gaining followers who subscribe to what they promote no matter how scientifically unvalidated it is.

If you go on Instagram and type in the hashtag #healthcoach your screen will instantly be flooded with over a million images of health food, people working out, nutrition advice, diet motivation, the whole gamut.

Many of the images are flat out beautiful, and the people behind them tell a super convincing story that their style of health coaching is far and wide the very best for your health needs.

They have a lot they want you to believe is trustworthy, but as I brought out in the post about sifting through health and fitness propaganda, how do you know who to pay attention to?

What makes each person and the knowledge they bring to the table right for you?
How do you know they won’t lead you down some rabbit hole or make your situation worse?

I don’t want you to have to play this guessing game with me and the information I share with you as a Primal Health Coach, so today I’m going to tell you what it is that makes a Primal Health Coach so unique.

I think the best place to start is by telling you what a Primal Health Coach is not.

As a PHC I'm not going to try and get you on board with the latest health fad or diet trend, telling you it's the way to weight loss success.

I'd be repulsed to push on you some sort of weight loss shakes, pills, or subscription based meal delivery service.

I won’t lead you to believe that eliminating entire food groups for extended periods of time is actually good for you.
And I definitely won’t encourage you to depend on willpower to break bad eating habits.

As a Primal Health Coach, I'll teach you the tried and true methods to help you live life in a way that actually serves you well.

I’m not going to say that what serves you well is always going to be super convenient or that it won’t take some getting used to, especially if the way you take care of yourself now is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Everything I share with you is completely based on how our bodies function at a biological level.

It makes sense right?
If your body was engineered to function one way, why would you fuel and care for it in a way that's contradictory to the blueprint?

As a PHC I know and understand how your body functions on a cellular level, and use that knowledge to give you guidance on how to live an optimal lifestyle. Not the latest and greatest diet trend.

I show you why teachings that tell you to eat whole wheat bread, drink soy milk, or go vegan, are all very very bad ideas.

You'll be jumping for joy because you'll never hear me tell you to eat a certain number of calories each day, or have you weigh and measure food before eating it.

I simply teach you to eat in an intuitive way based on what I help you discover works best for your body, so that everything you stick in your mouth is completely customized to your tastes and style of eating.

The diet industry's latest "get healthy quick" scheme changes every year.
How to eat as a human being however, hasn't.

If you’re interested in how a Primal Health Coach can be of service to you, they are able to holistically help you with a number of health-related problems including:

  • Inflammation (for instance acne + achy joints)
  • Autoimmune disease (like Hashimoto + Type 2 Diabetes a name a couple)
  • Brain fog and anxiety
  • Digestive issues (bloating + gas + stomach discomfort)
  • Disordered sleep
  • Low energy + poor mood
  • Fat loss
  • Athletic performance

I put full stock in the fact you can't argue with the science behind how we were created to function, including how to best eat and live.
Therefore the primal way is the only way to go, and the only way to show others how to do it as well.

The number of client success stories from eating primally grow everyday. 
If you think you're ready to be 100% done with dieting and are over dead-end health advice, learn more about how I can coach you to better health here, or contact me to tell me about your situation and needs. 


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Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia