5 Benefits of Hiring An Online Personal Trainer

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Have you decided that you want the knowledge and guidance of a personal trainer, but don't want to join a gym or fitness studio to do so?

Maybe you're the type of person who simply doesn't like the gym atmosphere and have a hard time getting there with your schedule.

Whatever the reason may be, having a personal trainer who is able to make a catered fitness program to you is an invaluable asset, but it's not always a relationship one can invest in.

That's when the option of hiring an online personal trainer comes into play, and a great option it is. Many don't know the benefits of hiring an online trainer, so here I'm going to touch on 5 of those benefits as well as give you an idea of who online personal training may not be for.


Live one-on-one sessions with an experienced and knowledge trainer will cost you hundreds of dollars over the course of just a week.
But when you train with me via online training you can get the same level of knowledge and experience for a faction of the cost. 

Workout On Your Own Time

There is nothing worse than not being able to meet up with your trainer because they are booked when you are available (or vice-versa), causing you both to have to schedule a session at an uncomfortable time.
I used to wake up at 5:30am in the dead of winter and peel myself out of the bed for a workout with my first client of the day. Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a morning person, so to me that is a horrendous time to do anything other than sleep when it's below 20 degrees outside. 

Location Independent

With online training your workouts for each week are laid out and available to you 24/7.
If you are motivated by the energy of the gym, do it there.
If you feel more comfortable in the privacy of your house, have at it in the garage or living room.
Nobody is there to insist on anything different, and you don't have to wait for the guys to relinquish the dumbbells so you can get your workout on.

Accountability + Motivation

In my experience I've seen clients actually do better with online programs than when working in person.
I attribute this to their focus on doing their very best so to hit their marks when submitting progress reports each week.
It makes a huge difference to see the numbers on paper and compare them over time.

Experience + Knowledge

Sadly, sometimes when you work with a local trainer, you don't always get the best one for your needs. Finding your trainer online, however, you have the control to choose someone who not only knows their stuff, but who also meshes well with your personality.

Imagine you are an experienced lifter looking to hit your next PR, but you're working with a pilates focused trainer. The matchup won't serve you.

Reasons Online Personal Training May Not Be For You

  • If you need hands-on coaching that requires the presence of your trainer, online training isn't for you. 
  • If you lack motivation, online training isn't for you.
  • If you have no exercise expereince, online training may be a better choice after having worked with a trainer in person to understand exercises. 

Jasmine Cabrera

Health By Jasmine, Virginia